Critical Applied Linguistics Studies- Aims& Scopes
Aims & Scopes

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Journal of Critical Applied Linguistics Studies (JCALS) is an electronic, double blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to critical issues in applied linguistics. JCALS publishes original research and review articles in areas of applied linguistics in contexts of home, school, university and workplace. The journal addresses both theoretical and empirical problems related but not limited to:
  • Critical current issues in second language acquisition and pedagogy;
  • L2 assessment;
  • L2 interaction, Discourse and pragmatics;
  • Language and literacy pedagogy,
  • Literacy assessment and evaluation,
  • L2 policy; Bi/multilingualism matters
  • Semiotics in language education
  • Multimodality in language education
  • Sociolinguistics issues in language education
  • Literary criticism, literature and its educational issues among others.
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