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Launched in 2021 by close cooperation of Gonbad Kavous University and Linguistics Society of Iran, Journal of Critical Applied Linguistics Studies (JCALS) is an open-access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed international biquarterly journal, published both electronically and in print. It brings together ideas from linguistics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, literature, education and languages into a unique area focused on the learning and teaching of second languages from a critical turn.  JCALS publishes research into language with relevance to real-life issues, covering latest developments in the broad areas. The journal is to act as a circle to make marriages between scholarly discourses, theories, and research methods from a wide range of linguistic and other relevant areas of study. JCALS welcomes contributions which critically reflect on current, cutting edge theory and practice in applied linguistics issues locally and globally. 
Specifically, it addresses language teaching/learning, second language acquisition, and the education profession in the journal's sphere of activity but not exclusively so, with an active engagement of the journal from a variety of other professional domains such as literature, interpreting and translating studies, where applied linguists is of major contributions to make. 
Faculty and student interests in this circle thus consists of: critical current issues in second language acquisition and pedagogy; L2 assessment; L2 interaction, discourse and pragmatics; language and literacy pedagogy, literacy assessment and evaluation, L2 policy; bi/multilingualism matters, semiotics in language education, multimodality in language education, sociolinguistics issues in language education, literary criticism, literature and its educational issues among others. 

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